Fantasy Picks - Tour Championship

I realize it's late in the season, but it was recommended to me to give fantasy golf a try, so I hit up the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Golf website to check it out.  This week is the TOUR Championship which is arguably one of the most exciting tournaments of the season.

Although many experts seem to be picking Rory as the tournament favorite (and with good reason), I've made my picks based on experience.  As an aging man myself, I can appreciate the benefits and wisdom that comes along with years of experience. As the season wraps up, and the tension thickens I want players on my team who've been there before.  These guys include, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Steve Stricker.

Who's on your roster?


  1. Great picks Paul! But I think you'll regret not taking McIlroy!

  2. Haha
    I knew the veterans would come through for me!

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