Makalei Golf Club: A Local Favorite

My first visit to Makalei Golf Club and it wasn't hard to see why this course was voted one of Hawaiis best golf course.  Located at 2,000  feet above sea level and rising to nearly 3,000 feet in areas, it offers a fantastic escape from the sweltering heat below.  Usually around 10-15 degrees cooler than the beaches, I found the temperature to be ideal for a round of golf.

We tee'd off at 8:00 on a perfect sunny and slightly humid day.  The course was in great shape offering a very unique setting.  With somewhat of a rainforest backdrop, there are hundreds of peacocks roaming the course.  Other highlights include wild boars, lava caves, cinder cones and a stone wall dating back more than 100 years that traverses the length of the course.   I'm not sure what more anyone could ask for. To top it off, we were paired up with one of the local members, who gave us pointers on each of the holes and explained a lot of the historical aspects of the course.  Thanks Paul, you easily saved me half a dozen strokes on the round!

All in all, it was damn near perfect. I shot an 88 which I was pretty happy with all considering. No birdies, 6 pars and a bunch of boges and doubles.  I'll be looking to improve on that score when I play this course again next week. 

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